Born in San Francisco and raised in Sydney, Sarah Fordham is an artist and designer who creates artworks and objects in her trademark vibrant colour palette.


She has studied French language and culture in Paris, resided in the snow-capped mountains of California and at one time, she lived and painted in the gritty Lower East Side of New York City.  Fordham’s work is autobiographical in every sense and is derived from her experiences and memories.


A practice spanning twenty years, she holds a Bachelor of Art Education and a Master of Cross-Disciplinary Art and Design from the University of New South Wales. Beyond the studio, the artist is a lecturer and workshop facilitator who is regularly invited to work with students as an artist-in-residence, both locally and internationally.


A painter by trade, Fordham's new design range (SAFO) fulfills a long-held dream to share her original imagery through homewares and accessories.


SAFO for regular updates from the studio.